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Bringing the world to Niagara through enterprise, innovation, and global connections

Development Partners

Project Management

Niagara College has developed expertise in international project management by fulfilling a wide variety of international contracts that involve:

  • Training and consulting in competency-based curriculum development
  • Human resources development initiatives
  • Management and staff development
  • Educational planning and master teacher training
  • Educational services including marketing, student counseling, job placement and job centre development
  • Social enterprise development

A number of these projects are funded by the The Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (formerly The Canadian International Development Agency), some as bi-lateral projects and some via the Colleges and Institutes Canada (formerly the Association of Canadian Community Colleges).

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These projects include in-Canada and in-country components that promote individual and institutional capacity development. International educators who visit Niagara explore innovations in research and technical education at the College and share valuable information and perspectives with our staff and students.

Contract training projects initiated by Niagara College and carried out in China, Colombia and Panama have helped to establish Niagara College as a leader in international contract training in diverse areas.



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Development Projects

Niagara College – Global Partnerships and Engagement

The Americas and the Caribbean
September 2016

Overview of Niagara College’s Global Partnerships in the Americas and the Caribbean:

Education for Employment – Bolivia

Project Title: Building Capability in the Hydro Pneumatics Sector

Beneficiary: Bolivian Ministry of Labour

Partner: College of the Rockies

Funder: Global Affairs Canada

Key Objective: To increase the capacity / capability of the Bolivian Ministry of Labour in delivering market-oriented and responsive programs in the field of industrial mechanics (Hydro pneumatics) through a combination of coaching, mentoring and technical assistance rendered by Niagara College.

Key Outcomes

  • Enhanced profile and recognition of the role that Colleges play in promoting regional economic development.
  • Curriculum updated and mapped to industrial requirements based on the Canadian model of competency based education and training
  • School leadership strengthened and new capacity developed in alignment to Canadian college management best practice.

Education for Employment – Peru

Project Title: Enhancing Output in Peru’s Industrial Food Sector

Beneficiary: Luis. E. Valcárcel Instituto

Partner: Conestogo College

Funder: Global Affairs Canada

Key Objective: To enhance capability in Luis. E. Valcárcel Instituto to develop industry-relevant, demand-driven vocational programs that support the industrial food manufacturing sector.

Key Outcomes

  • Academic and administrator capability built through intensive training, coaching and mentoring that employs techniques pioneered in Canadian colleges and institutes.
  • Deepened collaboration with industry and employer partners resulting in highly-specialized curriculum that responds to industrial demands in the short-term and medium-term.
  • New cadre of curriculum designers established to support long-term industrial engagement and program alignment.
  • Accessibility, gender and sustainability principles infused in all aspects of project design and subsequent academic delivery.

Women’s Economic Empowerment – Brazil

 Project Title Mulheres Mil Project (100,000 Women)

Beneficiary: Instituto Federal de Educação, Ciencia e Tecnologia

Partner: Colleges and Institutes Canada

Funder: Global Affairs Canada

Key Objective: To promote the social and economic inclusion of disadvantaged women across northern Brazil through direct support to the Brazilian technical education system and through life skills programs targeting more than 4000 disadvantaged women.

Key Outcomes

  • Delivered a scalable management model for Brazil’s community college system, allowing for greater numbers of disadvantaged women to participate in education and training interventions.
  • Established a framework for industry-academic collaboration based on Niagara College’s engagement model.
  • Built capability and capacity in educators and academic leaders to respond to community needs and better prepare disadvantaged women for entry into the workforce.
  • Supported the Government of Brazil in formulating a new sector-wide strategy for infusing technical education across rural and remote regions in the north-east and north of Brazil.

Education for Employment – Jamaica

Project Title: Supply Chain and Logistics Management

Beneficiary: Excelsior Community College

Partner: Marine Institute – Memorial University of Newfoundland

Funder: Global Affairs Canada

Key Objective:

  • Enhance the delivery of quality, competency-based, demand-driven and sustainably-focused education across the region.
  • Share best practices focused on student-centered and immersive learning based on Niagara College’s unique education model.
  • Produce a competitive, productive and gender-equitable workforce to support local and regional economic growth.

Key Outcomes

  • Strengthened institutional and leadership capability at Excelsior College.
  • Curriculum revised to meet industrial needs through the introduction of a new competency based education and training framework.
  • Awareness raised among community and industry stakeholders of the role of community colleges as an economic development driver.
  • Accessibility, gender and sustainability integrated within programs in accordance with Canadian education principles.