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Summer Institute: Dankook University South Korea International Summer School

  • Approx. Price


  • Trip Date

    June, 2017 (Approx.)
    3 weeks (15 to 21 days)

  • Location

    Yongin and Cheonan

  • Description

    Korean Language Lessons, Academic Programs, Culture Program


    Open to all students

  • Application Deadline

    April 14 2017

What to Expect/Highlights

Program Highlights:

The International Summer School consists of three different programs. There are three different ways to join the ISS:
① Global Village + Academic Program 
② Academic Program 
③ Korea Immersion Program

The Global Village is a unique internship program for teaching conversational English, Spanish, German, Russian, Portuguese or Chinese to DKU students. Participants will lead small groups in daily language classes for three weeks before continuing onto the Academic Program. This is a great opportunity to develop friendships with DKU students and gain insight into Korean culture from personal experiences. Also through teaching, you will gain valuable personal insights about yourself! Participation in Global Village is not guaranteed and is on a first come first serve basis.

The Academic Program consists of 4 weeks of intensive classes taught by international and/or Korean professors. Classes will be conducted in English. Each class meets 4 or 5 days a week for 2.5 – 3 hours per day. Students may take up to 6 credits, or two courses.  For courses available click here.

Korea Immersion Program – Intensive Korean Language and Culture Program: Students can improve their Korean proficiency and be fully immersed in Korean culture by participating in cultural activities during the three week intensive program.

 Program Dates:

Program Period
Global Village June 19 ~ July 7, 2017 (3weeks)
Academic Program July 8 ~ August 4, 2017 (4weeks)
Korea Immersion Program July 31 – August 18, 2017 (3weeks) OR 

August 9 ~ August 25, 2016 (3weeks)

Partner Organization and Location

Dankook University  (DKU) was founded in 1947 as a four year private university in South Korea after Independence. In the spirit of DKU, which has its roots in Tangun’s humanitarian ideals, the two co-founders, Sir Beomjeong Chang, Hyoung and Lady Hyedang Cho, Huijae, sought to build a better and stronger nation through better education. To accomplish this, the university seeks to pursue truth and service to human kind through cultivating professionals to develop the quality of respecting human beings as global citizens, apply creation towards development, and cultivate practical abilities.

The university holds international symposiums and publishes various academic journals, and manages 22 important and specialized research institutes such as the Oriental Study Research Institute, the Information Display Research Institute, the Buried Cultural Property Research Institute and the Special Education Research Institute and the Medical Laser Research Institute etc.

Today, DKU has two campuses, Jukjeon and Cheonan. Summer students will study at the Jukjeon campus, which is equipped with modern classroom and student support facilities including newly-built dormitories, a library, gymnasium, performing arts center, recreation areas, tennis court, health center, media center, and student union.

City of Yongin

The city of Yongin is located just south of the capitol Seoul, in the middle of Gyeonggi Province. Yongin is home to Korea’s largest amusement park, Everland, as well as the Hoam Art Museum that holds some of Korea’s most treasured art and the Korean Folk Village.

City of Cheonan

The city of Cheonan is located in the northeast corner of South Chungcheong Province, and is 83.6 km south of Seoul. Cheonan has been called “the core city of the nation” as it is the gateway to the area around the national capital region and western Chungcheong, as well as the main transportation hub for the national road, railways, and expressways.

Accommodation and Transportation


Accommodation is provided and included in the program fee. Students will be living in double- occupancy rooms in an on-campus dorm. All rooms are furnished with single beds, pillows, desks, chairs, wardrobes, telephone, internet, and private bathroom. Laundry room, cafeteria, fitness center, convenience store, and reading rooms are also available at the dormitory.


Students need to arrive to Incheon International Airport, where they will be greeted by a DKU student who will guide students to an airport shuttle bus which will take the student to Dankook University. Students are responsible to pay for their own transportation to and from Dankook University. Students should arrange for flights with arrival times between 8 am and 8 pm on the day of the program arrival.

Program Costs

Approximate Fees Include:

  • Global Village/Academic/Korea immersion program Tuition
  • Accommodation
  • Student Fees
  • Application Fee

 Not Included:

  • Roundtrip Airfare
  • Personal expenses
  • Passport and country entrance visa
  • Meals
  • Transportation from the airport
  • Optional Cultural activities and visits


Program Fee Include
Academic Program USD2800 Application fee, Tuition(2 courses), Student fees &
Korean Immersion Program USD1200 Application fee, Tuition(Korean language), Student fees &


NC students who apply and are accepted to participate in 3 week Global Village program prior to the Academic program will receive the following financial benefits:

  • Flight Reimbursement (up to $1,000 paid in Korean currency after Global Village program is complete)
  • Free accommodation in on-campus dorm during the 3 week Global Village program

Payment and Application Process

Payment Process and Instructions:

Step 1:

You must apply to the Study Abroad opportunity by following the registration process set by the Partner Institute/Organization. Please refer to the information below.

Program Application Period
Global Village + Academic Program
(applying for both)
January 25  ~ April 15, 2016
(first-come, first-served basis)
Academic Program January 25 ~ May 20, 2016
Korean Immersion Program January 25 ~ June 17, 2016

Payment Method & Refund Policy

  • Payments should be made by bank wire only.
  • Checks will not be accepted.
  • The application fee is non-refundable. (USD100)
  • Bank transaction fees are to be paid by applicants.
  • Any outstanding fees must be paid by the applicants upon arrival.
  • For program fee refunds, all requests must be made in writing.
  • After the first day of program, no refunds will be granted.

Bank Information

  • Name of the Bank:  Woori Bank (Tel: 82-31-8005-4021)
  • Bank Address:  152 Jukjeonro, Sujigu, Yonginsi, Gyeonggido, Korea
  • Account Number:  1081-100-647016
  • Receiver:  Hoe Jeup
  • Swift Code:  HVBKKRSEXXX
  • Sender’s name should be the applicant’s name

Application Procedure

Guideline for online application : Download

*  Steps to login

1. Create an Email ID
–   Enter and verify your email address
–   Enter the required information and agree to terms

2. Move on to login page

3. Select “International Programs”

4. Complete login

5. Select “Int’l Summer/Winter School” to fill out the online application
–   Fill out “Personal Information” first
–   and fill out “Application”

6. Complete online application

7. Receive your confirmed admission by email and check the invoiced amount

8. Pay your fees

9. Prepare for a great time at Dankook University!


Since the program lasts less than 90 days, a 90-day tourist visa will be sufficient. However, depending on your citizenship, you may need a visa. Please contact the Korean Embassy in your area to confirm visa matters.

Step 2:

You must register at Niagara College’s Be World Ready Program in order to be eligible for the $500 BWR Grant as well as have our staff assist you with your travel arrangements and details.

Be World Ready Grant Application Process:

  1. Apply Online
  2. Payment Due (see above)
  3. Attend  Info Session for detailed itinerary
  4. Upon Return: Complete BWR Travel Grant form

Guard Me Grant:

All students applying to study abroad at Dankook University are eligible to apply for a $1000 Guard Me Grant to help offset the costs of this educational experience.

Please apply here to fill out the application form and submit the form to the Study Work Abroad Assistant via email

The deadline for the Guard Me Grant Application is March 31st. 2016

The Guard Me Grant will be awarded to 1 student participating in the Dankook University South Korea International Summer School Program per year.

Earn a General Education or Liberal Arts Elective:

With this International Experience, you are eligible to apply to earn a General Education or Liberal Arts Elective.

General Education 3 credit elective (Diploma Level) Course: SOCL 1127
Liberal Arts 3 credit elective (Degree Level) Course: IDPL 9101

See the link below to fill out an application form. Please print, sign, and scan your application and submit it to the Be World Ready Co-ordinator, Joanne Maltby at

For more information please Click Here